venerdì 1 aprile 2011

Interview with Mauro Piccoli: How journalism has changed in Italy

As we walk into a small room on the fifth floor of one of the newsrooms of La Repubblica, in Via Cristoforo Colombo, Rome, I notice that Mauro Piccoli doesn’t look like a retired man. Yes, his hair is gray and his face lined with experience. But there is a shiny sparkle in his eyes, which is still young and lively. I feel at my ease with him, even when we sit opposite each other in a bare, grayish room. A table is in between us. A few meters away, a small, unused desk hosts an aged computer. The screen is off.

As I turn on my recorder, Piccoli coughs slightly and I plunge into our conversation about the changes of journalism. Piccoli nods confidently as I talk about the Internet and I touch on some of the variations and developments of the print media. He waits for me to finish, then he takes control of the conversation and he finally puts some order into my confused thoughts.

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